Resources for Teachers

We have prepared some resources for teachers to help you investigate the presence of small mammals and hedgehogs on school grounds. These methods can be used at primary and secondary school level. These methods can be used to make an interesting science project at your school. We encourage you to contact us for assistance.

1. Small Mammal Bait Pot Survey – method

This method can be used to collect faecal material from small mammals. The material can be sent to the lab at WIT and we will carry out a DNA test to identify the various species.

2. Hedgehog and small mammal footprint tunnel – method

This method can be used to collect foot prints of mammals. This method has been developed by the Mammal Society. We have simplified the method for use at schools. Here are some examples of hedgehog footprints from the BBCBiodiversity in Schools have created an exciting lesson plan around this topic.

3. Footprint tunnel for small animals

A Dutch mammal enthusiastic, Jeroen Mos has developed a small tunnel that can detect footprints from stoats and small mammals.

Be sure to tell us that you have tried the methods here. The Biodiversity data centre will also appreciate your records. Once the the results have been verified, the class can send their records to the Mammal Atlas Project.

We also recently worked with a secondary school where we designed a project that could be used as a CSPE Action project. See report here